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the winery team

Angelica Faina

Legal Representative and Management Azienda Agricola Faena

Legal Representative and Management Azienda Agricola Faena Agricultural Company

“He left the city to move to Umbria and make the company his life. Today it is the face of the family, always present in the company. "

"To all intents and purposes the owner, and she is the one who with a lot of passion but with few words at every meeting with clarity and determination has her say.
He carries on the project started by his father Sebastiano, an enlightened man.
A mix of tradition and innovation. Its mission is the satisfaction of the consumer because its wines must satisfy the needs of the market.
No compromises, therefore always available for discussion. He knows what he wants and never gives up. For quality, that's what you need. "
Quoted Maurilio Choccia, oenologist


Angelica Faina
Stefano Sanesi

Stefano Sanesi

General manager of the winery and of the Faena farm

Member of Azienda Agricola Faena Agricultural Company

In the role of director he follows every activity of the company and defines it as dynamic and international. 

Thanks to experience and enthusiasm, he brings the wines of Cantina Faina to be discovered even outside Italy.

He is also responsible for the production of Azienda Agricola Faena and the Conti Faina Winery.

"He is the man of the vineyards and the cellar, at dawn among the vineyards and until the evening in the barrels."


"Dynamic, positive.

He has the ability to act quickly and is a great cost optimizer

Sometimes it goes tight with the times but then everything turns out well.
A defect ? Walk fast and not addicted to the phone.
If you are looking for it you have to be patient !!! "
quoted by Maurilio Chioccia, oenologist

Giuseppe Billera

Specialized agricultural worker

It is like civil protection, in critical moments it immediately arrives in the cellar to lend a hand. Excellent performer and lover of precision and cleanliness. Always ironic and joking, you can see that he likes his job!

His days range from the vineyard to the cellar, to the olive groves.

Work with us since January 7, 1993 !!! 

Giuseppe Billera
Federico Billera

Federico Billera

Cellarman, assistant oenologist and specialized agricultural worker 

Son of Giuseppe and Patrizia, a young man trained at the Ciuffelli Agricultural Institute in Todi. Follows Stefano and the winemaker with passion and humility. Its peculiarity is given by the ready smile and by its great availability and desire to learn and do better and better. It certainly represents continuity.

Maurilio Chioccia

Oenologist Cantina Conti Faina

When passion blends with skill, everything becomes extraordinary and unique.

Maurilio Chioccia

Count Sebastiano Faina (1937-2012)

Founder of Agricultural Faena and Cantina Conti Faina

Pictured with his wife  Annarosa Gavazzi  and their dog Cera.

“The property was held firmly in his hands. The idea was clear: to keep what the predecessors did but without ever stopping. Experimentation, investments, projects was his creed "

Count Alessandro Faina 

Co-founder of Agricola Faena and Cantina Conti Faina

Brother of Count Sebastiano. It was his right arm. She has always supported and accompanied him in his projects. 

Conte Alessandro Faina
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