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Our story

In the heart of Umbria, in its characteristic succession of valleys, mountain ranges, plateaus and plains, the Faena farm stretches like an embroidered blanket of olive groves and vineyards.

Here, 15 kilometers from the medieval town of Todi and 40 from Perugia, there are the lands preserved over the centuries by the Conti Faina and once belonged to the Borghese Princes. Walking through woods, olive groves and vineyards it still seems to hear the rumor of the ladies, the sweet sound of the races of the children and the fascinating rhythm of court life. The estate, owned since 1700 by the Conti Faina of Civitella dè Conti, was managed with great passion by the brothers the counts Sebastiano and Alessandro Faina is currently managed in first person by Angelica Faina and her husband Stefano. Today the property extends over more than 415 hectares occupied by woods, vineyards, walnut trees, arable land and olive trees. The fulcrum of this area is the splendid 13th century building, the Collelungo Castle, home of the Conti Faina winery.

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