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the family

The estate, owned since 1700 by the Conti Faina of Civitella dè Conti, was managed with great passion by the brothers the counts Sebastiano and Alessandro Faina and is currently managed in first person by Angelica Faina and her husband Stefano.

Always linked to Umbria, the Conti Faina family has made a significant contribution to the growth of agriculture in this region located between the Marche, Tuscany and Lazio. A development that culminated with Zeffirino Faina (1826 -1917) entrepreneur, researcher, innovator, politician and man deeply tied to his homeland. Zeffirino Faina brought new elements to local agriculture by revolutionizing techniques and giving back dignity to farmers, motivating them and making them protagonists. Particular interest for Zeffirino was given to viticulture, thanks to the experience gained in France and to the knowledge of the Tuscan model transmitted to him by an illustrious friend, Baron Bettino Ricasoli.
Married in second marriage to Napoleon's niece and daughter of Maria Bonaparte Valentini, Luciana Bonaparte, Zeffirino Faina was an enlightened figure and even today the families engaged in Umbrian agriculture remember him together with his nephew Eugenio. If the production of wine with the Collelungo winery is today the company's flagship, the olive tree also plays a central role in the modernity of its plants, the production of oil and the nursery activity. The nursery was born from the need to cultivate its own olive groves, but in a few years it turned into a real commercial activity.

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