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A model of wine tourism that dates back to the 19th century
Today the cellar is not just a place of production. Located in a medieval village that is still completely inhabited, it becomes, in fact, the ideal place to visit for wine lovers as well as for tourists who simply want to learn more about the history of the region.
The long tunnels in which the refinement takes place create a real path between arches on three underground floors, which is said to have served as a secret passage for the "beautiful Imperia", a legendary character of the Middle Ages.
Here the past dialogues with the present through many testimonies of history such as, for example, the ancient instruments linked to wine production.

An enchanted place deserves to be opened to the public. The Faina Counts are well aware of this, having decided to make their cellar, kept inside the Collelungo Castle, not only a place of production, but also of discovery. Guided tours, theme dinners, tastings, concerts: there are many initiatives organized every year.

The cultural events represent only a part of the commitment of this company in the enhancement of the different artistic expressions. Conti Faina Winery promotes, in fact, national events from cinema to theater, from painting to literature.

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