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Places that we recommend to visit around our farm
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Fratta Todina

Our town is located along the route between Todi and Marsciano and is perhaps the ancient "Tudernum" mentioned by Pliny in the Naturalis Historia, home of the mythical founders of Todi.

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Montecastello di vibio 2.JPG

Montecastello di vibio

Monte Castello di Vibio among the green Umbrian hills.


The traveler who travels along the E45 road between Perugia and Terni, having reached halfway, will find an increasingly sweet landscape: the hills become smoother, the pastel tones of the colors become more prominent; the mountains, Monte Martano on one side and Monte Peglia on the other, define a horizon that never exceeds 1000 meters above sea level. This is the heart of Umbria. Here the Tiber River winds its way through its valley, ancient medieval villages dot the hill, built to protect the surrounding area. The traveler who arrives in this part of Umbria, attracted by its most famous sites, will find peaceful landscapes among the various shades of green that nature has to offer: from the countryside that is luxuriantly cultivated, today with modern equipment but still within the borders of the Umbrian peasant tradition, to the woods that shade the surrounding hills.

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Cradle of medieval civilization, Todi has legendary origins reflected in its coat of arms, it was the birthplace of Jacopone da Todi, the most representative religious poet of the thirteenth century and preserves excellent evidence of the Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance periods.

Museums, churches, palaces, streets and alleys: just look around to relive a dreamlike atmosphere, which echoes a distant past.  

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City of Art, among the most beautiful and important in Italy!

Powerful Etruscan center and then an important medieval city, Perugia lovingly guards precious traces of its bright historical periods. Today it is the administrative capital of the Umbria region, an important cultural and tourist destination.

Perugia is a city full of "secrets" to be revealed: the suggestion is to explore it with curiosity to fully enjoy the thrill and charm of discovery.

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Perugia map



The city has one of the richest artistic and cultural heritage in Umbria.

From the impetus of the Cathedral to the mystery of the underground city, from unmissable museums and monuments to the pleasure of more discreet evidence, from the suggestions of the Ring along the slopes of the cliff to some beauty itineraries in the nearby area.

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